Covid-19 / School Days

Remote Learning – Day 9

Two webinars/remote meetings today, both looking at and exploring remote learning. Is it remote learning or according to the one in the morning, is remote education a better term? The thinking behind that is we can’t guarantee that learning will take place but we can ensure that it is education. It’s quite an interesting point on my initial thoughts, a fair one. Could you discuss in school at the moment, how certain are we that what children are doing is their independent work.

I said, a couple of remote learning interactions today. The first one was very much about remote education and it was really interesting to hear the different ways that schools across the country are tackling it. Due to this Covid pandemic that is very difficult, it is quite clear that the delivery of a high-quality education with secure learning taking place is proving quite a challenge for money. Whether that is to do with the availability of devices or the quality of network – add to that the space to concentrate on that work – it is more difficult for some than others. We sometimes get wrapped in our little bubbles (no link intended) and possibly assume everybody across the country is in the same positive or same difficult position with remote education. As you see people you don’t know, take a moment to consider the hidden difficulties that they’re not showing. Is there a way that we can find out and help or do we just do the best for those we can; for what we can control. I guess there’s a question there: Can we control more than we think?

On average, the UK is recording more than 1,100 deaths a day.

BBC News

Another short video tutorial made today to help colleagues. This one on how to schedule a Google Meet. I have to say the more I use Google the more I am impressed with it. The features such as breakout rooms is a great bonus if you have it. If you don’t there are work around that are pretty simple, but overall Google classroom and its various apps are brilliant.

It’s quite nice today to get back to supporting some children to do some of the slightly different things, such as starting the next podcast to come out on Friday. There are so many things that these children can do and we just need to let them go and run with it; I’m very confident that they will impress.

I seem to have missed some of the latest support we are getting in education. The lateral flow tests for staff that may arrive this week at some point. The issue with such things are the very contradictory sharing of whether or not they work. If something isn’t reasonable reliable, I’d rather not bother. I’m fairly sure most would agree with that. The question mark over the honesty and integrity of some is really in question now.

On a much more pleasant note for those from Leicester, they have moved (albeit temporarily) to the number one slot in the table. A few teams have some games in hand but points earned are more secure that possible gains. Well done Leicester and well done Mr Maddison. Leicester is not my favourite team (it’s number two due to marriage) but I was impressed by Jamie Maddison’s post match chat. He seemed genuine, chuffed to bits and sensible – well done.

Rest well one and all. Take care and look out for others you can help. Let’s not get complacent and remember, there are so many struggling out there and some of them, we may well know.

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