Covid-19 / School Days

Remote Learning – Day 8

When the school has more children in that the last seven days yet seems quieter… is this a reflection on how both staff and children have adapted and the remote, live learning and blended activities are becoming somewhat honed?

Following a few threads on Twitter is would seem some more surprises are heading the way of those in education and with them, a debate on lateral flow testing for primaries. When there are some stating they don’t work (by some I mean scientists) and others saying they do, it is an impossible position for the layman. It’s also, but no surprise at all, that I’ve heard nothing of these tests as a teacher – it’s all from the news and third hand.

The day started with the usual check on numbers in before the weekly call. Moving on, the required remote provision document was finalised; that piece of work was simple enough but really was just stating what we have been doing for some months now. I think the first bit explained the rest – quite simply we are carrying on but with Google Classroom as the platform, with slight adaptations where required.

School in the morning.

A bit of support for others, checking what is available and it’s clarity and then a look at assessment. That is an interesting topic at the moment with limitations on what we can delve into. Yes we can do it, but it isn’t quite as reliable as having the children in school.

Regardless of the difficulties, I’m really pleased with the team and how they have adapted and continue to develop their practice for remote learning. Google Classroom really does help, but it is a tool and how it is used is key.

I took part in a webinar about online presence with the ASCL. An interesting 90 minutes well hosted by the two facilitators. Interesting to refresh on some of the media we used and how we reach out. Pleasing too to see good examples shared and be able to relate to our own. It is a juicy topic at times and to hear how many are limited in what they are permitted to do is always an eye opener in 2021 amongst professionals.

Kate’s Kabin

Back at home the hooks arrived for the shirts. That sounds like code but it is true. The hooks are now up in Kate’s Kabin and a few Everton shirts too. We wanted a simple way to display the signed shirts without having them framed and it seems to work.

We don’t want to be ticking the days off and wishing away our lives but that is another day over. Make sure you do some good stuff, whether a local walk or some family interaction in the house. Stay away from the screen and stay safe.

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