Covid-19 / School Days

Remote Learning – Day 13 and 14

Taking part in the webinars, reading the books about remote learning and the sharing of what we do – it’s all very important. Boris Johnson has now announced that schools are aiming to return on the 8th of March, if the science suggests it is safe. Difficult times as I’ve said so many times and many people struggling with the daily demands of home learning, of working from home, of not having much needed time to themselves.

We have some days like I had today where you’re on screen from 8:30 in the morning until three in the afternoon, with a 30 minute lunch and a 10 minute morning break. It’s quite interesting really where, as educationalists, we talk about limiting the time and the concern of too much screen time, where meetings are arranged that really don’t practice what they preach. I’m not really sure it’s deliberate but maybe people need to start being more aware of what’s going on around them. I’m very much aware that we have children and parents who are struggling with relationships and behaviour; then announcement of the 8th of March, albeit correct, will not help. I’m very much expecting the numbers of key/critical workers wanting to send children to school to rise.

I mentioned the full day in front of the screen but from everything we take part in we should take the positives. This morning’s three hours finished with a lot of praise for the high percentages of people that deem the place we work to be absolutely brilliant. I take great pride in that alongside my colleagues who have embraced the ideas; challenge the ideas to make where we are the place it is. I also value the comments from my colleagues about the position that we are currently in being a really good one due to the systems and processes and JFDI culture we have. After the three hours of remote interaction, we had a 25 minute discussion about where we are and why we are there and what we do need to do next so that it is sustainable and not dependable on individuals.

The work we do in schools really is rewarding. To be able to implement new strategies and ideas and engagements with the children and parents in these difficult times, it’s humbling and absolutely what we care about. There comes times in the work that you do what you want to push ideas and move on – discussing some of these ideas with colleagues helps you press a button and make a commitment. If that wasn’t the desired decision from other colleagues, then so be it – I have no problem with apologising for doing my best for people when others delay. I will not name the colleague but the phrase, do it now and apologise later, it’s spot-on, when it is the right thing to do.

Everton v Leicester tonight. Major event in the house here where we think carefully when celebrating. I think Everton were better – we allowed Leicester time and had a plan which almost paid off. For me, Carlo not looking pleased at the end and Brendan smiling said it all – 2 points dropped for Everton and Leicester pleased to get 1.

Look after yourself everybody. If you’re struggling with something then reach out. There are so many people out there that will be willing to listen and support you. It may be they just listen to you or have a conversation. They may not be experts but I’m sure they care. I know they do, as do I.

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