Covid-19 / School Days

Remote Learning – Day 15 and 16

What a week it’s been with staff getting tired yet, the continual pursuit to do the best for our children whilst emphasising with the difficulties the parents have. The lateral flow tests began this week and the uptake has being quite low.

As the weeks go by and the learning from remote systems and processes develop, we look in detail at what is working and what is not. It’s very good to know that the overwhelming majority, if not all, appreciate the work that has gone on to do the very best for the children. It is so hard for parents at the moment and this is an area that keeps being raised. What do you do when parents want to send their child to school and the supporting evidence for them being a key worker is questionable? There are many that are considering this because they are genuinely struggling at home. I get that.

If you don’t have a child that needs that constant attention, then you really have no idea how difficult it is. I have had conversations with parents who I can hear in their voice, they are really struggling but, knowing so many are in exactly the same position, agreeing to them coming in is not the easy answer. As far as I’m concerned the best place for the children is in school with the teacher and their friends nor. The problem with that however is COVID-19 is a serious threat and for the children to be in, is not right at this moment in time. I have to be honest, I am tired. I think this is due to too much time in front of a screen, looking at the work in Google classroom and having remote meetings with people in the organisation, in the local environment, and in webinars.

Here’s an idea… I’ve always had this belief that if we work smarter and cut out the rubbish that we do we could start the day at ten in the morning and finish at two in the afternoon. I’m talking a massive overhaul where this is not just the teaching profession but everything. The morning would be getting up and enjoying time with your family, having breakfast and doing some positively stimulating with family and friends stuff. You get into work for 10 o’clock and you work smartly. Don’t waste time and don’t have a break that last too long – a working lunch maybe? Keep being smart and finish at 14:00. The rest of the day is your time. Light nights and proper re-energising stuff. The mental health and well-being, opportunity to walk, runny enjoy life, much improved. I think this would actually save money for the economy and result in reduced costs for the NHS, benefits and more. Radical maybe but simple. Life is for living and this would help.

The continuous pursuit to do well for others is there. It is tiring but it is necessary. The 8th March is the date mentioned for a possible return. Very important to remember, it is a target date and things could happen. Whilst that is not too far away, it is still a fair number of days of difficulty for many.

It is now the weekend and I wish all well. If you get the chance then take the time to relax. If you don’t, be strong and keep going, knowing we are behind you.

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