Covid-19 / Days Off

It Has Arrived…

Many people in the profession are so pleased that it has arrived. People are tired; mentally and physically drained. That said, nothing I suspect compared to those in the NHS. We should not be comparing ourselves to others and accepting difficulties because others are/have to. We should be protecting ourselves and doing what we know is right.

It has been a short half-term in a long year. Back on the 23 March 2020 the lockdowns begun and nobody will have known what was coming up. Almost 11 months on we are in a lockdown, fighting against variants and so many of knowing at least one person whose life has been cut short by Covid. Some of us have been fortunate not to have been ill; somehow have avoided the wrath of the virus; many though have not bee so fortunate. I hear stories of people, young included, who have gone. I also hear of people struggling with the consequences of not being able to work, losing money, jobs and more.

At the end of a short term at school I can look back and reflect on the positives – children developing great independence in their work – no choice really! It may have been forced but it is still a positive to embrace. I also see many positive attitudes towards school, school staff and being able to be with others. When we do beat this I think there is going to be a great party; I hope there will be anyway! It is always pleasing to look back and reflect on the collective good done by colleagues, not only where I work but in schools up and down the country. To hear parents thank colleagues and show appreciate means so much. To have the leaders of Local Authorities and Trust thank staff for remarkable achievements and those that have see live remote lessons in action, acknowledge the enormity of the task with not only teaching practice, but also the multi-tasking with tech, whilst parents sit in and observe, listen and in some cases comment.

It may only be a week but it is a good chance for many in the profession to take some time and recharge. I hope colleagues do actually do just that as they have been brilliant. Tech is not everybody’s thing so to adapt and deliver is commendable. There are always lots of things to do and lists that never end – don’t feel you have to do it all. The best way to get down the list can sometimes be simpler that you think. Try ripping it up and the things you remember that need doing are probably the most important and worth doing – when you are ready. Top of every list should be self-preservation. So relax, enjoy what you enjoy and take some time. This way, you’ll be better ready to take on the challenges that will present themselves when we go back.

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