Covid-19 / School Days

Calm as Carlo

Where to start today when it’s been so full of events, decisions, snow and Carlo! Best start at the end and marvel at the calmness of which Mr Ancelotti when the ninth goal of a 5-4 thriller goes in – some have suggested his blowing into his cup of bovril was a plan to stop Big Dunc from diving on him for a hug.

Life as an Everton fan is quite a rollercoaster ride. Often so much promise and then disappointment at the end. The expectations are very high because quite simply, we are Everton. The club with so many ‘first club to…’ and the team that has played top flight football more than any other. I’m not too sure the game such as it was today is great for the health but there again, maybe it is. Anyway, into the next round we go.

Switching to the start of the day, great to be there welcoming the children of critical workers into school. The light falling snow, whilst cold, really does make many of the children smile. Walking in the gates; some giggling really does show how such simple things can bring joy to many in these difficult times. Being a lead in a school it was even more pleasing that a Foundation Two child and separately, a Year One child felt brave enough and comfortable enough in a lovely way, to throw (attempt to) a snowball at me. The next step for one is to compact the snow more so it will fly; for the other, it is get more distance. It was great because it was done with a friendly smile in a playful manner – not disrespectful.

There were a few meetings today (remote obviously). Pleasing to be part of discussions to help develop, improve and support colleagues. Always pleasing to here from what is happening across the country that what we are doing is good – that affirmation is important as we continually try to improve what we do for the children.

Not too many days to go now until we have a break for half term. It is sobering to think we are not that far from a year since the first lockdown began. Whilst we all crack on with our jobs – very fortunate to have them – others are quietly suffering and isolated in ways we do not know. It is very hard for us to do much about it as we really do not know who. Just keep being kind and doing whatever you can. Give a smile, be prepared to listen and be ready to help. Don’t call this the new normal and plod on forgetting that ‘this now’ for so many is a nightmare.

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