Covid-19 / School Days

Back and Smiling but Be Careful

Whilst schools have not closed and have actually opened over holidays, all returned this week and have now had two days back. With a mere 13 absent out of almost 430, it’s an impressive 96.7% attendance – I must admit, I didn’t expect that.

The picture upon the mass return was a very cheery one. Children were visibly pleased to be back with beaming smiles, positive waves and greetings and back into the class with friends. One class bubble came into assembly (we rotate it) and I asked what they were most pleased about with being back. The responses were really positive, simple but powerful. To be with friends and be able to play with them; to share ideas, talk to people properly rather than on a screen, and to learn. Being science week, it was great to get out there and join in the experiments.

Being back is great because I can share my thoughts with my friends, rather than people on a screen.

Year 4 child

Early indications are also positive that there hasn’t been this much publicised dip in learning and ‘loss of a year of education’. Maybe we are lucky but the fact is, for us, they haven’t. Some, granted may not have done as well as others but it appears we will be okay. Very soon we will know more and be more confident with our predictions but we will not be guessing.

Overall the return is greatly positive. We must not however forget that Covid is a serious issue and so many have lost their lives and many have been greatly ill. It isn’t over despite the mass rollout of vaccinations. Watching some people, you’d have thought it was sorted and the risk has gone – it hasn’t. We need to remain guarded, be careful and then we can get back to normal quicker.

I really hope people are sensible so the progress is not lost. We’ve done well and the children have absolutely made us proud and proved they can do it – let’s not risk putting them back into remote learning though. Maintain the distancing and tread with care.

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