Covid-19 / School Days

Returning 5 – Lost Learning 0

We are back at school now and it’s been a fabulous five days with the children. The whole idea that we have lost a year of learning is very quickly being proven to be false. Yes of course, the children have some minor gaps in what we would normally expect but unanimously, we believe that with quality first teaching they will soon be back where they should be and that is in the short term.

I think I commented before that the things that children learnt during this past year will stand them in good stead for learning in the future. The independence that they have gained and ability to multitask; and be leaders in their own learning, I believe, will really help them to progress at a rate that we would never have realised had this not happened. This is of course something that we will never be able to prove that the positivity and appreciation of what they have will go along way.

It’s been an extremely busy week to be perfectly honest. Getting children back and figuring out if the timings of drop-offs and pick ups are right, take time and more effort than people may realise. The class clubs have recommenced and we’ve had three days of external visiting reviewers, albeit extremely positive, challenging and digging deep into what we do and to how effective it is. I must say that a challenge partners review is something that brings about so many positives. It was extremely forensic and dug deep into the DNA of what we do. I don’t consider myself to be that old but as the leader of the school, I was immensely proud of the team that I am part of. These are the things that make us re-evaluate and consider the position we are in. I personally believe you can always improve and take things on a level. I know, more than ever, that the team and part of share that belief. I think the next few weeks will determine whether those around us have the same belief.

So we have returned and every member of staff believes our children will soon be back to where they should be. The talk of a year of lost learning is very quickly becoming negative propaganda. Quite simple to work out to be honest because it hasn’t even been a year yet. In this first week back with celebrated science, and recommenced the extracurricular activities in a sensible and safe manner. If you want to achieve and do things well, you can.

So an extremely busy week has come to an end. It’s been very rewarding in so many ways but it’s also important to now have some rest and recharge the batteries. I hope you all have a great weekend and wherever you live follow the guidance; living where I live, I have a feeling will be the last area out of lockdown.

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