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Share, Collaborate and Communicate

Whatever you do and whether part of a job or not, it’s important to talk. My sharing your ideas and successes; your efforts and failures, others can learn from you. Others can help you. To collaborate is a benefit for all concerned and should not be seen as anything other. Imagine the two-way learning and success it will bring. Sadly, not everyone gets it.

If you think of the power of Twitter used by educationalists, sharing ideas for the classroom; reaching out for a document or idea; sharing a success story – all participants benefit and are able to pass those benefits on to the main point of it all – the children. By sharing ideas and experiences, you are not weakening yourself, you’re actually being stronger.

The idea of collaboration for some is so far fetched it is some times embarrassing. those that do not collaborate are for some reason competing with others. I’m all for competition in the world of sport for example. But when we compete with work colleagues; or the Joneses next door, it is all negative. I’m proud to work in a place where our staff do collaborate and willingly share (without question) what they do, have and a new contribute). It’s a healthy happy place to be and we all benefit.

All of the above requires communication. It is a thing that is so important in all areas. No communication is just as damaging as poor communication and something I have realised over recent times, some people do not get it. When you develop a culture, part of it needs to be the positive and open communication channels – they allow for free flowing thinking, praise and challenge. The exciting stuff starts to happen and what you deem as normal is actually outstanding to others.

It’s been a very difficult year for many. One year on from the first lockdown and a time that has really tested (and in many cases destroyed) people. Good, simple communication, collaboration and sharing generally, has helped so many. It’s good for a crisis and it’s good for generally everyday stuff too.

If it’s not really your thing, think about the people that are suffering indirectly. Why not give it a go and see what happens? I think you’ll find it works and finds the light in any dark tunnel.

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