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Time to Rest

Three weeks completed with all children back at school. About a week a go we were talking about how it would be great to keep going rather than the stop-start nature of now. Another week on and I’m glad the break is here.

To be fair, we haven’t stopped for almost a year. Even in breaks we have continued to be available and been unable to switch off. So many things have been adapted and tweaked and with much success. We are after no medals, accolades nor thanks, but it has been and still is tiring. But, the successes are there to see be it the way remote learning succeeded or the laughter of children again, or the positive external review. I’m pleased to be part of a great team where they really impress and do the business. To be interviewed for the news and come across well is not easy – the team did it. To adapt to the changes and keep smiling – again, the team does it. To offer clubs and be willing to change at the drop of a hat – the team are doing it.

When you visit a place you instantly get a feel of what it is like. The people, the smiles, the responses and the culture, it is evident. There are often times though, no matter how good a team, you wonder whether you have done your time. Can you do more within the systems and processes that exist? As said, the team is brilliant and that helps.

I’m one for collaboration and am always happy to share, to introduce and help where I can; always have and always will. It’s a shame though when others aren’t of the same positive thinking. Do you or have you worked reasonably closely with someone that just takes, puts up barriers and basically refuses to engage? It’s easy when there is no link and you can absolutely disengage. It’s not quite so easy when you need to.

Children first and foremost lose out. Opportunities to share the best of the best disappears so the children get a limited deal. Now sometimes that may seem okay. It’s okay for one but the others, they miss out. The staff also miss out – again, opportunities to collaborate and learn form each other – limited. Resources that cost a great deal could be shared, but not where the sharing is not embraced. People lose.

In times where it had been so very hard for so many, the opportunities should be taken and the sound minded would see that. To collaborate, share, help out and communicate is a wonderful thing. I wonder why not for some, and I can’t find a reason. It’s so alien to me and will remain as such.

Keep sharing, enjoying the laughter and love of others. Reflect on the behaviours of those about you and value others, regardless of their current state of mind.

It’s Easter now so time to rest.

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