School Days

Do Your Thing

Sitting in accident and emergency just to be safe, checking Dan hasn’t chipped a bone in his leg. Never missed these days from when I played football but it’s part of the deal. Time to look around and reflect on the day and recent days gone by.

In the world of work it is interesting. There have been a few events, visits, collaborations recently. We’ve had a Challenge Partners review of the school; I’ve been on a Challenge Partners review for another school; we’ve hosted a visit to look at school improvement and consistently, the messages have been positive and lots to say the team is a great one. I think there are many great people in the world and many great leaders.

Today I was asked a question – “Why are your staff so happy?” I don’t know is the answer but it is something I will reflect on. I think it is due to the relationships and how people are treated. Possibly the respect and trust in what they do. We are all on the same team and if people are doing things with the best of intentions and are on the same page, surely that works.

Sometimes as a leader (officially a leader), we do things that we just do! It is the norm and as we see it, nothing special. Others though, it would seem, wonder how and when you learn to do it. So what is it and how do we do these things? Is it vision, moral values and/or belief? I happen to think everyone is a leader and everyone has good in them. It’s a bit weird if not. I also believe we should trust and empower people to do their thing. If everyone does their thing for the good of all then we will all be better off.

Go do your thing, whatever that is – as long as it benefits others positively.

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