School Days

What’s the difference?

Well, it has certainly been an eventful few weeks. As we get closer to the end of the year and in primary schools, say goodbye to out Year 6 children, the emotions run high. At secondary, we hopefully get excited to get to know the children soon to join us; support those about to embark on the KS4 journey of GCSEs and beyond.

I wonder, now having a role with older children, what is the difference? Do our beautifully positive Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children suddenly become withdrawn, sullen and disinterested? Do the younger children at primary have a greater ability to be open, free of inhibition and willing to share? Is it something we do in the profession that stifles creativity? I don’t know to be honest but I am certainly interested and more than ever, determined to find out, being in this new role where I will be able to see.

Having qualified in 1997, I have been in teaching for almost 25 years. That is a little scary but the positivity of teams and collaboration and ‘can do; mentality interests me. To be honest, the negativity, controlling, oppressive methods do not! What is the difference? For me, the end result.

I have had, and have, the pleasure of working with great people that care – and wonderful children that will achieve. Some will need to work harder than others but in time, knowing that they are on a journey and for all, that journey will result in success. This experience is reassurance to me that great skills, attitude, compassion, determination and resilience will shine through.

In life, let’s ask the questions. Let us connect with those around us. Be humble and celebrate the success of others. Be a team and be inclusive.

Differences are great and individuality should be respected. But, what is the difference, really? Between primary and secondary nothing, in my opinion – they are children to love and develop.

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