Days Off

Time Out

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Sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a latte. Lots of Happy Diwali messages popping on on WhatsApp, via email and other platforms. Some good time to reflect on what has been an interesting few months for various reasons. So many layers, topics, conversations – lots of material that you could write a book with. To have a few days away from the daily grind of work is not to be scoffed at. It does allow time to reflect.

Approximately four months ago I received a call asking if I could help. Me being me, the answer was “Yes” without asking any questions. Had I asked questions to understand the task greater I would have still helped as that is just the way I am. So with Diwali and Govardhan Puja, I get a couple of bonus days off, as do all in the organisation. It is lovely to see the celebrations and to take part; wear the traditional attire and understand the festival. But away from the celebrations, the time to think and temporarily slow the pace is welcomed.

Over the past couple of years things have really changed for so many people, due to Covid and the impact on work, relationships and the disruption to what was previously steaming ahead. Add to that general changes in life that happen and result in phone calls. I frequently think deeply about how people are feeling, included, consulted and engaged in whatever they do. Are they valued and respected and importantly, do they feel it? I think that the difficulties of Covid for many people have made me more alert to this with so many being disconnected from those they would usually rely on. Add to that great texts such as Mark Finnis’s book on ‘Restorative Practice: Building Relationships, improving behaviour and creating stronger communities‘ and The Avanti Schools Trust’s ‘The Avanti Way‘. Both pieces of literature are deeply about people and nurturing relationships – sadly many miss the point so please don’t be one of them.

If you get time to reflect and think of others, please do. Perception is very much a person’s reality and we should make it our top priority to understand others and care about them.

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