School Days

It’s The Others

It’s been a very interesting few months, having switched sides as some would say. When an opportunity arises to work in an area you’ve never worked in before; and to learn about different ways, it’s something you really should take on – my view.

For those that know me, you’ll know I work predominantly with primary age children. The opportunity arose for me to experience the world of secondary aged children, staff and other colleagues. When I’m asked how it’s been my response is often ‘interesting‘. That response isn’t a negative one but a genuine one where I find the ways people work to be interesting, to guide me and learn more about new areas.

Thanks for all you’ve done. Thanks for being visible and asking how we are – it makes such a difference.


Going into a new environment is a great opportunity to watch, to listen and to ask questions. I’ve asked questions about duties, loads, C1s to C3s – and a whole lot more. The answers have been insightful. 65 days of school gives a great insight. I’ve been impressed with so much. I’ve questions still, which is no bad thing. I’ve been supported by many and really do appreciate the experience. It’s been an experience and that experience has been interesting.

Take time to reflect and ask questions

The half term break is here now and I’ll be taking the time to recharge. I’ll be relaxing in a camper van somewhere up north. emails and other work related coms will be turned off as my family is important. If it’s your half term too, take time to recharge too and keep smiling, it’s the others!

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