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Life without limits

Working with a range of people in a range of places; it’s such an interesting, valuable position that should be appreciated and savoured. What some people see, others do not, and what some people strive for, others have absolutely no concept of.

Also, some people are ready to write people off; just saying the same thing won’t work.

In my role, I have the pleasure to work across various sites and speak to people from a very young age to near retirement. When you see some of our young people, interacting and questioning; finding solutions to problems – it is really inspiring.

Sadly, on the other hand, we have some people (whether in our organisations or not) who just look for problems and try to break solutions. I really don’t understand why. They struggle to see others succeed – they see things going well for others as a failure on their part. I’ve spoken to some really positive people who are solution focused and really value the strength of great teams, not needing for themselves to have credit and be the answer to the world’s problems. These positive, selfless people are the ones we truly need to hold onto and make sure they know they are the solution, not the problem.

Somebody said to me last year that some people don’t realise how good things are and can’t see the positives in those things before them – so true. The same discussion was had with someone else today.

Working in different areas of the country really does show how the mindset in areas can be so different. If all some have ever known is failure, we should not be surprised that everything, for them, has a limit and a cap. My question is, how do we change this so our educated people stop limiting the chances and ideas of our young people?

Many of us will have answers to this but, what we need to do is, make sure we aim high and demand the best. Make sure we know what is best and not lower our standards nor expectations.

Do not limit the life of others.

One thought on “Life without limits

  1. Denham, this is really well written. I totally agree with you. I do think this is all about the mindset of those around us. This is atleast my view. Thoughts, words and actions can limit the life of others around us. This could be family or friends. Brilliant message within!

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