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Take responsibility

It’s been a really good week to be honest with new relationships starting in the workplace and with optimism, positivity and clarity, moving forwards.

Sometimes we get lost in, and even sidetracked, moving from one place to another, or one challenge to another. I often say to people, take a step back, regulate yourself and have a look at the bigger picture. I work hard to do this myself but there are, in all of our lives, things that stop us or more so maybe, distract us. Listening to James Clear on the high performance podcast earlier in the week and then, starting to read his book, Atomic Habits, the responsibility that we need to take to make things happen; or achieve our goals; or meet our purpose, must not be forgotten. Be responsible, take responsibility and have no excuses.

Live a life, remembering that no action you take is inert. Whether you’re positive, whether you’re negative, whether you say nothing at all – it all has an impact on them. And you have a responsibility to leave this earth better than it was when you arrived, so go and make it so.

Jake Humphrey

I have some homework this weekend – organigrams, along with some internal reflection that I’ve set myself. When I pick up a book, I love to read it, my problem is I never seem to have the time (or if we talk about taking responsibility, making myself the time). I still haven’t finished all of Bounce by Matthew Syed; half a lettuce by a Paul Sewell; Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson; and now Atomic Habits.

I’m really looking forward to doing the organigrams, because that will give me real time to reflect on organisations and the important thing in them – people. Prior to starting a task, my thoughts are various systems structures will work, but we need the clarity and togetherness to be a team, with the right culture. If we get that right then can we actually fit into any structure with any hierarchy with it running smoothly? I was a forces child and I was brought up with ranks for my father, I may even delve into the world of the military forces – although I don’t think we need to wear stripes on our sleeves in what we’re doing. Although that’s an interesting concept.

I said it’s been a great week. Some things are are challenge in life and some a breeze.Whatever you do, whoever you interact with, always be kind. Give others your respect and one would hope they will give theirs as well. Those that don’t get it, think of them as flies. Don’t waste your time turning one fool into two.

Take the responsibility to enjoy what you do. Be thankful for the time to the people around you. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weekend. All of this aside, my hope is three points for Everton – I’m an optimistic person.

Take care.

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