School’s Out – Day 3

Day three is done! Those making the journey to school (or other form of work) will be feeling, I guess, very odd. Less people, customers, colleagues and quiet roads. The vital work that we do is just that, to ensure that the Key Workers can do their bit.

Speaking to parents of children picking up their children is very humbling. The work they are doing in hospitals and other medical places of work, up against those that think they are immune or others they infect don’t matter. Thank you one and all that are doing what you do for the human race.


Lemon Juice and water a new daily thing – hope it helps!

What has also been great to see, hear and be part of, is the rapid increase in the ability of so many to work remotely; connect using tech; and support and interact with so many that are usually with us in person. I believe these interactions are massively helping to keep people calm and reassured.

A new experience for me yesterday was shopping at Sainsbury’s where I had to queue outside and then had so much space when inside. That is not a complaint. On the contrary, I was very impressed (and myself reassured) that such measure were in place and managed so well. Round of applause goes to Sainsbury’s (and I am sure many other shops doing similar too).

The only issue was, still no baked beans 😦 which is one of the few meals I know what I am doing with.

Keep safe all and remember, stay at home unless you absolutely have no other choice.

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