School’s Out – Day 4

Must start by mentioning how a country full of communities; communities full of streets; streets full of houses; and all were out on their doorsteps to give the NHS a clap. Genuinely brought a tear to my eye. 👏👏👏

Another sunny day in Leicester but I’ve been told it will be cold and snowing soon. Got to admit that I don’t like the idea of that. Sunny days usually mean you get lots done (for me anyway). However, the current Covid19 situation has given me different things to do and very limited time.

One thing that I am pleased I managed to achieve today, was speak to many of my colleagues, be it the 1:1s to answer questions and the 30 we had in a Google Hangout for the staff meeting – that was quite amusing and with everyone on mute, quite strange (self muted I should add).

It really is important that we connect with our colleagues and connect with the children- for them and us. Make sure you do just that and build in proper time to speak to somebody and tell a joke.

As always, take care and be safe.

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