School’s Out – Day 5

A full week has passed by now with schools officially closed, except for those of Key Workers and children with an EHCP.

When I look back on the week it is somewhat amusing that I see that the staff who completed the week are those that are in their first or second year! I hasten to add that that is absolutely no criticism of the more experienced staff. It just so happens that the more experienced staff have had a COVID19 symptom or a family member has. It does however mean I am saluting those four members of staff – hats off to you all.

I sat at my desk at the end of the day, glancing out of the window. it was a funny feeling – that is something that is becoming rather normal now. That said, how can it be funny any more? I had a moment where all had finally gone home and I was catching up with the tasks left over from the week. What was exceptionally funny was, the tasks were nearing completion. Not a familiar feeling in the world of education.

I’ve been immensely proud of a few people (or groups of) this week. My staff most certainly; they have said yes. They have offered and volunteered to be there. When I hear of schools saying that union members and/or unions challenge teachers working over Easter, I/we (my team) are shocked that in such times people are detached from the current situation. My team and I are hear and ready to step forward and offer our help. We are here to help our Key Workers I’m far worse front lines. We are not here to sit at home over Easter and do nothing.

We all have our reasons and our experiences. whatever they are we should reflect and use our integrity. On the way home today a spoke to a colleague in London. The conversation was about 30 minutes long. It was one of those where I sat on the drive whilst I listened. On reflection, I think my colleague valued the time to speak to someone outside of their household.

These are tough times people so be kind to each other and give time to people to talk, connect and be human. Do your bit and be there for others whilst looking very much after yourself.

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