School’s Out – Day 6

Week 2 and day 6 complete. They say that events like these bring out the best and worst in people. So very true!

I’ve witnessed some that just blame, criticise and act in a way fitting of an immature, spoilt child. Least said about them the better… moving on!

I’ve also seen so many people behaving admirably and very much in the best interests of others. The events have opened doorways to people’s personalities and true characters, demonstrating how caring they are and willing to help others that they either do not particularly know or those that they owe nothing too. If you were to reflect on what you have been like over the past 10 days, I wonder what you would think. Hopefully, you’d be sincerely pleased how you help others.

Rainbow of Hope

Rainbow of Hope

When I arrived home today I could not help but see a rainbow in the window made of what must be over 100 hearts. When your 9 year old lad spends his time sticking them on the window, individually, it warms your own heart to know he cares and has the ability to empathise with others. That said, he hasn’t thought about me when it comes to cleaning the windows afterwards!

As we continue through these uncertain and scary times, my wish is that people support others and be the best person that they can be, not the miserable, negative and complaining one. Be the best you.

Take care, stay at home and be kind.



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