School’s Out – Day 8

8 days in today. 7 children of Key Workers. The attitude is good of Team here and the parents appreciative, despite the fact we should be more appreciative of them.

I’ve managed to leave the house everyday, going to work as a teacher with others. It has to be very hard for those truly isolated indoors, even with a family member. The boredom is quite tiring so we must find ways to alleviate it. Got to stay safe though and give the NHS every possible chance. As such, we will.

The running has not been quite so accessible these last couple of weeks. I did get out tonight though for a gentle 4K which was really nice. That one permitted excursion for exercise is delightful. I do have this fear that the world with come back to work all toned and trim after daily Joe Wicks workouts and I’ll grow into a blob. I can’t allow that to happen.

As always all, stay safe and take care.

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