School’s Out – Day 12

Who knows the story of the Gruffalo? I am sure so many of us would now like to be a mouse, or at least, have the freedom… ‘A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.’ Many are taking a stroll or a run, ride or other acceptable mode of exercise. The freedom is not quite the same though… However, we must remember that we are contributing to beat the virus and it will take time.

Screenshot 2020-04-21 22.40.29

Running with Dan

I got home from work today and went for a run. My son came with me (on his bike (not been out today)). Any grammar and punctuation enthusiasts out there to check the previous sentence please? At one point I was wondering, maybe questioning the number of people out. It certainly seems to have increased of late and it made me wonder if more and more are now thinking the current situations becoming the norm and going out is okay. “Oh I’ll be alright…” or not! Be careful.

By the end of the week I plan to complete a podcast. I’ve done a few before for the schools I have worked in but for the sheer fun of it (bit like this blog), why not? No-one will read or listen but I suppose it is a bit like people writing journals/diaries and reflecting on their thoughts on paper. Mine will be boring as I filter my thoughts to avoid upset – one day, I may share views more.

I did mention yesterday that we may now be entering a time where encouragement is needed. With that, those that usually share their views are starting to do so, forgetting the current state of the world and how what some currently do is still way better than others. Regardless, keep smiling and refrain from saying it how it is – be professional and sleep well at night.

I have watched and listened to the news daily. Prior to this pandemic, I had not for several years after hearing Tim Sanders talk at a conference and saying how news is always (usually) negative so avoid is until after lunch. I took it a step further and avoided it entirely. Many I am sure will say would argue I am now out of touch and unaware. Very true but I am not negative and see good in so many. I want the best for all. And I am unaware and out of touch of the pessimistic ways of others. That all said I have just heard on the news (I did say these times are different) about people using life savings to manage without work. Remember that before complaining about daft things such as walks, remote learning or assessment, others have real issues to contend with.

22:35 on Day 12 of schools being shut. How long will this continue? It is hard for many. Be strong and hang in there. Limit your physical interactions (increase the others where you can). Be part of the heroic group that saves lives.


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