School’s Out – Day 23

Another day at home today (home schooling). I think it is only the third day I have not been in school since lockdown. I think being at school is easier than being at home and I really do feel for the many parents trying to juggle the roles of a parent along side a worker, where they are still working at home. Even those that are not working, all day, every day constrained to the boundaries of the home is very difficult.

Highlight of the day though was probably sitting on top of the garage with Dan to look at the Moon. It was pretty clear and when using the binos, even more so.  Thursday night though is the one to look at – the Super Moon! Link it in with the Clap for Carers maybe.

Image 06-05-2020 at 21.35

Dan continues to lap the garden on his way to Goodison. I think he is going a great job when you consider numerous subjects remotely being completed before it all. It would be really easy to not want to bother anymore. I am pleased he keeps going and today, notched up another 209 laps, equating to 4.14 miles. He has now travelled 80 miles of the journey and is virtually by Holmes Chapel on the M6.

What you are doing, keep going and you will get there.


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