School’s Out – Day 24

End of an official school week for most but for a few, the VE Day Bank Holiday will be another day at school. The sun shone today and there were some more laps around the garden for Dan, raising money for the NSPCC. He didn’t quite do as many as planned but just under 5k is reasonable.

It was interesting to hear how the roads seem busier and the shops have more people, in groups, not paying any notice to the social distancing guidance. Even stepping out to the front drive this afternoon to get the shopping in, the children of people I know of (children we know at the local school), were out on their bikes. It really does astound me the lack of intellect of the parents of some. I know it is hard but this pandemic is not over. Is this what happens as we approach a bank holiday and suspect the PM is going to announce a relaxation and sudden cure of it all? It does worry me!

I must say, the struggle that many face, mentally, is a great concern. There will be so many that are really not coping and totally unknown to us, unable to get help or shout out. How can we help them and what can we do? Have a look and politely greet those you see – I am sure it will help and without knowing it, you’ll make a difference.

For those not working tomorrow, stay safe. Have a great VE Day celebration and raise a glass to all that have ever given something, sacrificed themselves and remained at home in difficult times.

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