School’s Out – Day 28

What a very difficult position we are all in! Teachers and some other school staff have been working as normal, whether remotely setting lessons and responding to the children and/or in school enabling the key workers (school staff are too don’t forget), to go to work. Of course, the general public see teachers as grown ups that play in the sand all day; start the day at 09:00 and finish at 15:00; and sit on a beach for 13 weeks of the year. So very true – thank you.

The not so general public know that is not the case. Those in teaching (apart from a very small minority of properly strange people, that do get found out), actually work from 07:30ish to 23:00ish with a 20 minute on the go lunch and 2hr broken dinner at home and falling asleep bedtime story with their own children – and something like 5 weeks therapy/recuperation out of the 13 weeks off with maybe four/five weeks proper holiday (if lucky) and the rest spent planning, reading for work, prepping and… smiling at silly comments about the wonderful holidays and short days.

Then along comes Covid. School staff plan; work remotely (despite some bloke called Andrew criticising and claiming they don’t); go in right through Easter to run holiday clubs (for free, in spite of own families); break social distancing guidelines to do the previous (impossible in primaries); use own devices/wifi/power and more to do the remote stuff (that Andrew criticises); and generally puts all others before themselves without moaning that the shop shelves were empty when they went shopping. That all said, I am personally fortunate (not sure that is the right advective) that the parents where I work see us doing everything that we can. An interesting view of some would be to furlough the teachers and see what happens when teachers really do nothing!

Sunday’s announcement, aiming for a return on the 1st of June – the aim is fair enough. Parents are worried, so I hear. I know that staff are too. I also hear some comments that teachers are now being criticised for being paid whilst sitting at home doing nothing and need to go back. Not really worth a comment so… no comment! There are a great deal of unknowns and why would people know, really? This is all new and as said previously, the government are in a no win situation. Teachers are in a no win situation. Businesses, parents, children and all… no win! Reflect on that and whilst not risking lives, don’t tell me you have the answer. A suggestion however, be respectful and be kind.

DK Running

Went for a run with the son this evening. Dan managed 3.22km without stopping, albeit that I was keeping him going. As we completed the loop, I went a little further to up the pace but the stats for me are not great. That aside, if I can inspire him to love running it is well worth it.

To those branded a failure – you are not!

It will have been about timing, luck or that you just haven’t as yet discovered what you excel at.

The above quote is from Paul Sewell’s book. It is similar to something that I often talk about when talking to staff; showing parents around school; and talking to visitors, whatever their remit. We are all brilliant at something. Every child is great at something. If we have not found out yet, we need to as soon as possible. It helps them have a purpose and builds self-esteem. Spot on Paul. ON that positive note, Good night.


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