School’s Out – Day 33

An extremely hot day and an extremely busy one. Water being used to cool down and despite that for some, the great outdoors was not accessible. That may be due to lockdown or it may be due to being busy, indoors doing various bits of work.

Sometimes when we enter a period of crisis, pandemic or other major change we are compelled to forget all of the great things that have passed and acknowledge the great new ways that we introduce. There was a wonderful conversation that took place today that was great to be part of, acknowledging the very good new practices, provision and more that have helped so many. Everybody should reflect and remember that – the good new stuff that is happening, that you are very much part of.

Doing great stuff does however take more time when you share it. That is good though and a great use of time. If we can share our ideas and help someone else be better, that good stuff can spread and help more. Maybe a bit of a positive pandemic. Go and positively spread your good ideas and ways.

Thank a Teacher Day

On what was Thank a Teacher Day, the many messages, videos and generally welcome show of gratitude really does inspire. I learnt something some years ago when in a partnership with the Sewell Group. It was all about people and relationships, not tasks and charges and threats. We do things hopefully to help and support others; to make the lives of other better and more enjoyable. If we don’t, why on earth are we doing what we are? For me, I believe everybody is a leader. Some great and some not so. Some officially and the rest, not. What ever you choose to do and how and when, live with that choice and make it count.

Leadership is not a badge, or a promotion. It is a choice.

René Carayol

Take care and let’s hope tomorrow is filled with compassion and positivity.

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