School’s Out – Day 52

The lightening tonight was even better than yesterday’s. To see it flash across the sky so clearly and so far really gives only a glimpse of its power. To stop, watch and listen to the weather is something to cherish.

The beauty of nature

It was a day with a mission today at home – seeing how much of the Dan’s work we could get done for both today and tomorrow. If we managed that, we’d have much of tomorrow free. The plan was achieved in the main and some good work done.

It is a bit of a shock to think that there is little over three weeks of school left. To be limited on numbers in, and right now be closed to all until Thursday, the summer holidays are fast approaching and there is quite a sad feeling with that. Usually we would be getting closer to the close with the excitement of the break. This time the approaching close is somewhat sad, knowing that we will be moving on and up without the chance to end the year with performances, assemblies and seeing the children continue to grow.

As we look at the last few weeks we are keen to get some additional children back. Not quite sure who or what but a questionnaire beckons – the results may tell us that all that want to can come back. We shall ponder, plan and see what is possible.

Take care.

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