School’s Out – Day 53

What a great day today has been. That may sound and seem a really weird thing to say when we are limited in what we can do but do you know what….? I have worked my socks off the last… (can’t really quantify the time as it has not just been the last few days/weeks/months). The fact is, today I got to a point where I had managed to get the urgent and important jobs done (went to bed at about 01:00) which meant I had a day with only two meetings and much of the day to spend time with Dan and Kate.

Your people wear one of two badges. They say either ‘We care’ or ‘We don’t care’.

Paul Sewell

That all said and done – I did then get further ahead in the pockets of time afforded me to write a letter and plan the next bit of support for our families. That aside, I got into the garden and Dan and I did some weeding. Typical of me really, I downloaded a new app that actually works well, identifying plans, flowers and the like. After the identification process, we pulled up two nettles; a plant that is apparently quite poisonous; and a tree. That was all in the morning and mid-day period when the heavens were still closed.

The latter part of the day was spent on the bike. We went for a short ride and explored 12km of previously by us, unknown territory. 3km in and the thundered was heard. We continued and enjoyed the ride, despite the five minute light shower and few flashes of lightening. It was only during the last few minutes the flow was turned to near full and we got a bit wet. It was refreshing though and being that we were near home, not a problem.

To end the day watching the football, relaxing and not working quite like I have been, was welcome. We all need to look after ourselves and not get stuck in a continuous cycle of work, foregoing our own lives as much as we benefit others.

On that note, time to go, continue to watch Man City beat Arsenal and feel for the Blades fans who, as much as it is great for football to be back, will be wondering how on earth that goal was not a goal – that will hurt!

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