School’s Out – Day 54

Great to be back to school today after four days of being shut. The deep clean has been completed and we were back in, being careful and cracking on. The weather was very wet with rain teeming down from the start. The gazebo have a welcome shelter as the groups arrived.

After this week there are only three weeks left for us here in Leicester until we break for summer. The time has gone remarkably quickly and if we are hoping to get more children from all year groups back, we are running short of time. I know some people are extremely wary and I respect that. I’m at a school though where we had 50 children back but so easily could have another 50 without any issue. The offer will be there and for those parents and children that want to return, they will soon be able to.

What I think I saw

As I was in a remote meeting this morning, I was distracted by the wildlife outside in the school grounds. You probably can’t make it out from the image but a green woodpecker flew onto the tree right outside. It was great to see. Apologies to those in the meeting that were subsequently distracted, but these beautiful things in life should be savoured. To be fair, the colleagues were all accommodating and suggested the picture.

Green Woodpecker on the right of the tree.

It is now the time that we would usually be having sports days taking place, both for fun and competitive. One does not deny the other I should add. Competition is great and important. It should be in the right, respectful manner. It certainly should not be discouraged not frowned upon. I’m currently working on an alternative sports day that is remote and inclusive for all. A colleague started it for me many weeks ago and we hope to roll it out next week. In these times it is important to continue the connections for all.

Talking connections, it is always good to speak to others and share the opinion that connecting in these times is one of the most important things we can do. The academic learning is great, important and needs to continue. It is however for many, the chats, smiles and communication that will save so many and see them through these lonely times. The lockdown is easing, slowly, but we are some way off being in the place many need to be – emotionally.

Keep working on making others smile and doing the simple things that will really connect positively with others. Be good, caring, positively infectious and safe.

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