School’s Out – Day 55

It’s Friday night and another week draws to a close. It is a pretty strange time with three weeks left of school until we break (living in Leicester) for summer yet I hear from Downing Street that there is hope of summer schools and more – I am very sorry but whilst I usually will do everything possible for the children and families, this upcoming summer is very much a time which is greatly needed to those in education to take a breath; the answer is ‘No!’

We (teachers) often joke amongst ourselves, in response to the long holidays and 09:00 to 15:00 playing in the sand that yes, what an easy life it is to be a teacher. I am quite confident that there will be many now that understand that teaching, supporting and other school related jobs are not quite the ‘jolly’ that you once thought. If different, you obviously have not home schooled, or attempted to, very well.

I don’t tend to go public on such opinions but to also hear, ‘we will get plans out to give school a few weeks to plan pre summer’, or something like that, is idiotic. Maybe this idea is we sit and draw circles in the sand waiting for an 11th hour task to do. I did read a comment on Twitter by an educator regarding all of this funding for tutoring and all and agree – basically, have a break and when we return we will teach well and get the children back to where they should be.. They are probably not as far behind, if at all, as is being made out. They may have slipped on their understanding of fronted adverbials and insubordinate clauses but their baking skills, drawing, general tactile and perseverance may well be going through the ceiling.

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All of that aside, it was really nice to be the receiver of 12 donuts today. Three have been eaten so far and the rest will be gone tomorrow. Talking of donuts, another fine display by the bloke unblock awarding a penalty to Manchester United. Had it not been for VAR (that was somehow not in action during the match between Villa and Sheff. Utd. then the flopping of the non-challenge with Eric would have been berserk. How on earth do such decisions get made? Maybe there is a conspiracy going on.

Don’t panic. There is nothing to be gained and you just spread it.

Paul Sewell

Back to the world of education, despite the negative press, comments, ideas and deluded views, I am pleased to work with those that I do. They are positive, ‘can do’ people that will get the children to where they should be. No issues with opening for all year groups and no problem coming in. No chances being taken – just sensible precautions and the wellbeing of children, parents and staff considered. The above quote by Paul covers this. Chill and do what is right.

That’s us for now. Family time and a Merseyside Derby this weekend; hoping we can paint the city blue. Take care, be safe, be positive and have some fun.

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