Covid-19 / Life After Lockdown

Back Towards a Lockdown – Day 61

It’s late at night now and a short while after the news has broken that Leicester will be the first to have a local lockdown. I can’t really say I’m surprised when the complacency of supermarket shoppers and people in the streets have clearly not be keeping their distance.

This news tipped off a pretty naff day really that didn’t start well for various reasons and finished frustratingly with news that will prolong a difficult time – that could have, in my opinion, have been different. The weekend was good though.

Sunday morning saw us have an early start, getting up and out just after 08:30, setting off for Clumber Park. The National Trust are managing their openings well and staff are being very pleasant and helpful. We took the bikes and set off on a ride, planned to be 20km. The possibilities were many and interesting. We mixed up tarmac, gravel, grass and woodland, all through, enjoying the natural environment and quietness. If you like cycling, it is a place I’d certainly recommend.

Crossing a ford

The weather was reasonably good apart from a brief shower. Having the campervan helped, sitting in comfort with lunch and drinks all chilled in the fridge. The plan was to do a short walk after an ice cream but after a downpour, the walk was very brief and time pressing before the Leicester v Chelsea match so it was back home to set up the gazebo and watch the FA Cup game. A great day but one which left us all tired.

So sitting now and looking back, many of us have adhered to the lockdown rules and following that, stayed alert. Some clearly have not and whether or not that is the reason for Leicester’s new lockdown, I do not know. I do know that it is a great shame and being honest, I’m not convinced all will take notice. Some will go to the extreme of doing nothing, being afraid and fearing going out, whilst others will resist the pleas to stay at home and disrespect the views of others.

As we head back to a lockdown, I hope people can be sensible and use common sense. Don’t disregard what you don’t understand and do respect the guidance and rules and help us get back towards an easing of restrictions. I’ve been impressed with the attitudes of the staff at school and how the plans have been followed, taking no chances. We managed to open for all year groups, albeit in much smaller groups. We now plan and implement a close again, saying goodbye for the summer and an abrupt end to a quite strange year – apart for the key worker children of course.

Stay safe and respect the decisions one and all. Take care.

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