Covid-19 / Life After Lockdown

School’s Out – Day 62

Here we go again, preparing to shut the school to most and dealing with the difficult emotions of a year lost. Back on the 21st March is was a bit different, with much hope of a return, the understandable unknowns and lack of realisation this could be the end of the year. Now with only 8 days left of the term that is in Leicester, for our Year 6 the reality that is primary is complete, is looming. Through schools and great partnerships with Year 7 and beyond would make the situation slightly less of a negative experience.

Just over 24 hours after the news of a Leicester lockdown, the clarity is now there with the confirmation that Wednesday is the last day for many. I have been in teaching for some time but it still baffles me when people ask questions and make very silly comments/ask daft questions that just…

What was the thinking about you giving us just 48 hours to sort things out?


The answer to the above questions was something like… “I got the same notice as you!” Do some really think it was a decision by schools? Really? Deep breath, count to ten and remember, people are struggling.

All of that aside I have been challenged to learn some ‘renegade’ dance for a Year 6 leaver’s remote presentation. I did actually do a physical education teaching degree and dance was part of it. That said, this 20 second piece is quite hard, so far. But, I will crack it. In between sorting the plans for the close of school and next year, I may well be working on it!

Always good to catch up with people, be it members of the family, past colleagues and those that still are and want a chat and some advice – some new colleagues too. I remember some 13 years ago I became a headteacher. I recall being somewhat annoyed (as I did as a new teacher) when people assume lack of experience means you do not quite know what you are doing. Absolute rubbish. As shared today, attitude, vision and knowing your ‘why’ means so much more. I have been the inexperienced teacher amongst experienced ones I’d not want my child with. Likewise I have been an inexperienced, young headteacher I’d not want to have leading me. If you’re good enough, you’re old enough – this I have heard that before in the world of football.

So lockdown looms and Leicester have done another first – Kings in car-parks, Premier League chaps and now a Local Lockdown.

Take care, be safe and do what is needed. This, as said previously, will be here for some time so resilience is needed.

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