School’s Out – Day 63

Had to try and learn a tiktok today after requests from year 6 whose last day, due to Leicester’s local lockdown, is here. A very strange end to the year for all of the children who would and know for sure, their primary days are over (apart from seven more days of Google Classroom).

At 18:00 it was time to cheer on Everton against Leicester. As much as I want Leicester to finish well, Everton are my team and a good run could see us get into those European slots. To get the win was pleasing although Leicester were pushing to the end. The win for Everton was deserved but for Leicester, West Ham beat Chelsea so that helped Leicester’s Champion’s League pursuit.

Tomorrow we will be back to having just key worker / EHCP children in school. Seven days left before we break for the summer. Whilst we get nearer the finish line for what will be a rather different summer, we are already thinking about the return for all in late August and making it the best it can possibly be – we always do that anyway.

So tiktok dance was posted by a parent yesterday (permitted indirectly); soon after I had a message referring to it, congratulatory mind. So funny and nice to see and hear the comments. I think so think that being a school leader and slightly older than I used to be, with less hair too, means I can no longer smile, laugh, move nor know what snapchat is! That was a comment whereby a colleague asked if I knew what it was. I may not be on it, but come on…

So the last day of most children is complete. Take care and be great in whatever you do. Everton beat Leicester and I hope now that Spurs drop points tomorrow. Up the blues.

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