School’s Out – Day 64

Day one of the local lockdown in school complete. Back in the library with a small group and the oddness of it all magnified, after getting all years back. Driving home and listening to the radio – Gavin and Jenny. Not quite the ring of Gavin and Stacey but entertaining nonetheless.

I heard not too long ago that the push was just core subjects. Very clearly on the radio a broad and balanced, world class curriculum. Broad and balanced yes but world class is a bit far-fetched. and to be honest I don’t think parents would expect a world class curriculum right now. Having said that considering the context, we can do a relative world class curriculum.

It was heart warming to hear the words of support for the profession who’ve risen, achieved and stepped up. Rather sad however to then hear how schools will be checked by Ofsted and being dealt with in about the third sentence following. That really suggested one speaks form a script. That and the fact that everyone has “a really important question you’ve asked there”. In a classroom, primary children spot these false, rehearsed responses. Great teachers are sincere and really do care.

I’ve not read the guidance but the best resource would be one that states the risks and respects the professional. Clear directive if you like that states, the children will be back. Unambiguous advice that the risk is there and risks need minimising. Total backing to say on the previous two points, do what you need to within these parameters. Would that work?

A busy day in all, as they all are. Remote meetings to plan, share news and complete tasks on working parties. The children might not be at school but the work for staff continues. Be safe all and do what you should.

The football results went well with the Blades beating Spurs and Man City winning. Roll on Monday and an Everton win 🙏.

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