School’s Out – Day 65

Very tired today; achieved a great deal but certainly flagging. So many things to appreciate in life and we must ensure that we do not get dragged down with the difficulties of the situation. Lockdown is here in Leicester (or a mile down the road) from where I write. Bit of a lazy morning planned tomorrow as half the football team are now unable to train.

Today the 11th episode of the school podcast went out. It is so pleasing to see how its production has gone from a few weeks to a day. Yes, today, with nothing prepared or started, a mix of Year 2 to Year 5 children recorded the episode with a little help. I personally think that all schools should be producing something similar – it isn’t hard and it gives the children the opportunity; the voice; and the skills. A bit like Talk 4 Writing, it develops confidence and helps academic success.

Had a few calls today with colleagues and the subject of a September opening is the topic in much of it. I’ll read the guidance and I am sure it will be pretty predictable. Something like; get them in, keep them apart, and get the results. I think the appreciation teachers and what they do has dwindled once again. In my opinion on this it is the constant silly questions from some journalists bemoaning the lack of childcare. The whimsical ways of politicians who’ll in one sentence praise and thank and the very next threaten. At the start of lockdown back in March, the following weeks of briefing and announcements has my respect and backing. They were themselves respectful and appreciative. It seems now some could not care less and don’t have a clue.

Today I hosted a live quiz via Google Hangouts. We send a daily subject sheets home (Focus on…) with a subject the focus for the day. All can read the facts and explore the questions. Almost 30 children joined and they seemed to really enjoy it. I was asked if I’d do one every week through the holidays.

We recognise our A players and out our C players.

Paul Sewell

So we have a week of school left now, until we break for the summer. Some colleagues will be moving on and some changes too. I always remember the ideas and advice of partners from the past. Business and education link so well – more than many think. Great staff makes things work and others, need to find other work. On that, Paul’s quote is such a help.

There will be a fair bit of extra work to do so we can be ready and sure about how the return will go. We will do it and we will do it without taking chances. I do encourage all however to have a break and recharge. It has been a long slog and relentless in many ways.

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