School’s Out – Day 66

Day 66 of lockdown at school and looking back, with only five days left, I think we’ve done a pretty good job. From day one we managed to get Google classroom is up and running for all of our children – and all of the staff have posted work every single day and responded to that work for all of the children. 

Along the way we have: chased children that haven’t submitted work and helped them to do so; and loaned out chrome books and set up forms that we can respond to straightaway. Of the many children that we’ve had in school, be it the key workers, foundation one, year six or whole school, we  have cared very much about them and their families and sought to engage them in live quizzes, remote quizzes, storytime and more. 

COVID-19 is certainly a very new experience for everybody. For some it’s taken lives and for others it’s creating divides. I said earlier we only have a few days left of school until we break up for the summer – and whilst there is a part of us that feels for some of our key workers who have worked so hard and looks much more tired than they did 66 school days ago, they are going into work, day in day out and doing what they need to do to help all of us. It’s with that when we look at the lock down in Leicester, that it baffles us that some people don’t understand 2 metres; they don’t respect the damage that COVID-19 can cause and have this godlike complex that they’ll be alright and will be untouchable. It may be that they are untouchable, but others around them aren’t and I’ve had conversations with some staff worried because they know as many as six people who’ve died from COVID-19.

The opportunities that come about from the situation have been immense. We’ have children, including our youngest of four and five-year-olds, logging onto Google classroom, engaging through Chat and submitting work. It may be that it’s their parents helping them an awful lot with that, but they will learn as they go along.  I’ve seen young children online whilst hosting a quiz – engaging in the chat whilst on a Google Meet and answering questions; and more recently I’ve had children submit recorded recordings for our podcasts. 

When people say children will be unable to do things, they won’t be able to. They are absolutely right because in their minds, they won’t be given the opportunities. But those of us that say children will be able to do them and believe in our children, those children will prove us right because given the opportunities, they just do it. I often think and find and believe, when children don’t succeed it’s because the people working with them don’t believe they can – they put those barriers in place, albeit not deliberate. To achieve, be  positive in anything and everything you do – you’ll be pleased with what you  achieve and that isn’t just about children – it’s about adults as well. 

So we get close to the summer break. We won’t be opening for the children as we need to have a bit of a much needed break. I have the figures that could state how much people have been in school, day in and day out. They’ve worked tirelessly and done everything and anything needed to support our children and their families during these difficult times. We in teaching fortunate, because we’re still getting paid and we are fortunate because our jobs, as we know it, are secure. There are many that this is not the case and we do feel for them and hope that in time, we can support them and help them get back onto their feet. If nothing else during these times, we should all remember the most important things in life: the connections with people; the empathy, respect and care. If we can get that bit right then the whole world will be a better place. 

Signing out as I yawn on a night when Tottenham were fortunate to beat my team. Nil Satis. 

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