School’s Out – Day 67

Two days of the final week of term complete as we edge closer to a proper break since lockdown in March. Lots achieved and lots to be done still, with strange goodbyes said too. For some of our children, today they walked out of school for the last time this year. For one, the last time as they move to Year 7. It was pleasing in one way that they went out care free. Sad maybe the moment missed, it was her last time.

When I looked at the day’s events prior to today it looked like a reasonable quiet day – always a mistake to think such things as the reality in education is, it is never quiet and the jobs are never completed. The morning started well with a quick catch up with my deputy and setting out what we really need to achieve – looking back, those tasks roll onto tomorrow, if we get time. We did manage (a little later in the day) to walk around school and discuss what could work, and what we believe will work, for the return of all children in the new academic year. That very important walk, discussion and the involvement of staff members is a big help and will allow us to look at the next step of timings, staggers, drop-off points and more.

I will be taking on a piece of work next year that is something I always ‘bang on about’, as stated in the discussion that took place one week ago. A conversation in a five person group took place this morning and some finer details discussed, agreed and next steps shaped. Watch this space – coming soon!

Immediately prior to that discussion I drafted and later finished a communication to share a decision, reasoning and final stance on a matter. The end of a school year, as I remember it as a child and in the early days of my teaching career, were always exciting. Every day was exciting but the year end was a different excitement, with the announcements and sharing of who your next teacher would be. Staff spend a great deal of time ensuring classes are right with a balanced mix of all to be considered. A little like the world of work, we should respect and behave positively alongside our colleagues, whoever they are.

Give an inch and they’ll take a mile.

A great highlight of the day had to be the second live quiz where we had children across Key Stage Two (7 to 11 year olds) in a Google Meet for a Kahoot quiz – the 9th quiz but only second live one. People who think children can’t do things and expect little are very much mistaken. The children again managed to join the Meet, get onto the game on a second device, and play. I need to start planning the next quiz now as I am sure they want it next week, summer break or not!

A new experience for me today was giving prospectus new parents a tour of the school. Being that we are in lockdown – it was a virtual tour with the parents at home and me on Zoom. It seemed to work in the main but has got me thinking – such tours could be made easier with a recording made and available, to share live without actually walking about – here is another little project for me to work on. I did suggest I send a certificate to the parents for being the very first virtual tourers of the school. They seemed to like the idea and certaily shared many lovely things about the school from the tour, as well as what they have heard from others.

The busy day (on site) ended with a good meeting with colleagues with one in London and one in Berlin, Germany. A positive and healthy discussion on some work taking place and how we can make it really work. It was good to have the conversation and great to work with such people. We are part of a team – some would say a family. These teams or families should be supporting each other a for the good of all. We three certainly seem to be and our children will be better for it.

Science reactions explored

Bags packed and off home; proud of Dan how he supports and gets on so I can do what I do. Looking. forward to next week with limited phone use and bikes out in the wild. It is great he has come in and done his work, done ours and gets on with all.

The days ahead will be interesting as we plan for a full scale return. I already know we can do it having looked at basic logistics with my deputy. Knowing my team, I expect tomorrow’s meeting to be good, positive and productive with solutions found to any issues we unearth. Until then, sleep well and keep believing.

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