School’s Out – Day 68

Good morning Mr Kite – you look exhausted.

Nice start to the morning and thank you; I didn’t realise I looked so bad. It has been a tiring few weeks especially, but the end is near and a chance to catch up, rest and be ready to go again. I think the demands of being in front of a screen for much of the day is the issue, but in these times a really good way to continue the collaboration, great work and planning.

A day in school today with a full diary, so no real expectation that I will cross anything off the reminder list. Started pretty well with a couple of conversations prior to the first remote meet of the day. A quick check and walk through the way we can welcome children back after the summer break for a couple of classes where they don’t have their very own way in and out – that was pleasingly promising and increasingly looking like a return for 430 pupils will be manageable and achievable; not easy but it can be done. Tomorrow and Friday will be a case of going over the plans, ideas and some editing to make the plans firmer and improved. It really does help having positive colleagues and ones who will ask the questions to clarify and suggest ways to be better.

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From one positive group to another, a 20 minute 1:1 to clarify how the world of secondary works in a certain area was Remote meeting 1 (RM1). That was rapidly followed by RM2 where we talked assessment and very much solution focused. Another tick and not even mid-morning and we are on a roll. Into the biggy of the day for RM3 and planning, sharing and group work commenced. Looking back, the collaborations are developing really well and the people are making that happen. Respect is an often used word – sometimes too much, but when it is there and real, it is benefits all.

Continuing the day’s theme of meeting tick meeting tick… lunchtime was a quick rearranged meeting and again, tick. RM4 with positive people, humour and a shared and agreed understanding helped this exhausted person (LOL) keep going. Lunch was somewhat rushed. Warm tomato pasta in a tin foil container with a plastic fork. The meeting ended and a few minutes late rejoining part two of the earlier meeting, now called RM5. Humour, shared understanding and solutions, in the main achieved.

Throughout the meetings so far, there was the very rare dive outside to check in with a parents, children leaving, enquiries and more. I am pretty sure this lot would sound rather unbelievable on a CV. It is however possible and I think many people are doing similar up and down the country as well as in the four corners of the world too.

RM6 was another 1:1. I say #6 but I struggle to recall now was it earlier? Either way, it happened and that was positive again as real clarity achieved now on a matter in much need of clarity. With this golden nugget, I can now take things forward. RM7 was a debrief, catchup and good chat with a Principal colleague down south. A good honest discussion and agreement on various points. Reflecting on the day was positive and believed to be a productive day. The day however was not over as yes, another meeting – RM8 – this one was with a colleague on site matters and so pleased to say, positive again.

A Gift for the Exhausted One

All in all a day of meetings, remotely on Teams, Zoom, Google Chat and, a few phone calls. Tomorrow, I do not want to see a computer screen. Thanks for the cakes by the way (same colleague that said I looked exhausted). These are tiring times but every school staff person that cares, as we do, do not mind. We are here to help, prepare, support and educate. We will get our rest and can be pleased with the work we have put in.

Us folks in Leicester due to break up on Friday and so many of us can do so with peace of mind we have done our bit.

Two days to go…

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