School’s Out – Day 69

Even when you’re really tired, the completion of a job really does feel good and give you a boost. That said, I’m tired and about to sleep. In fact I’m that tired my sister called me today and I’ve just realised at 23:40 – sorry Bev.

So one more day of school left and then the doors close for summer. A different summer yes, but a long coming and very much needed break. Key workers across the world and closer to home England and Leicester, you’re the best. tour work continues and I partly feel bad that I can’t keep open for you over the usual break. As we prepare to return in six weeks, we need some time to recharge – in case you missed it, I’m tired. I hope it getting sunny again too as it has been really wet recently.

Today’s tasks were coming from every angle and on many topics. Reports for the term and which are yet to go; Year 6 leavers presentation prep; assessment systems; letters for the return and how it will work; and don’t forget watching Everton! There were more, but you don’t want to know really as it is nothing exciting. One thing from today that was a bit disappointing, was the missed opportunity to get something to be great. There is a lot of goo intent and willingness, but I fear that the pressure to deliver and meet deadlines, results in a shoddy job being done – a rubber stamp given when it should have been returner to sender. I have to be honest, I struggle with that and accepting it when I am pretty sure it could be better. A good point on that from today was a parent commenting on what others had said to them, whilst they supported it. Talking about teachers, he remarked…

They told me you only have the best and I can see it.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

That is a lovely comment and a rewarding one. Absolutely right too. Our children get one chance and we want those that really care and want that same best for the children and colleagues and parents. It isn’t rocket science really. I wish the same best could be said of decisions in matches. I’m sure I’m not that biased for the blues.

I think that is a good place to sign off tonight otherwise talking bests, I won’t be looking mine tomorrow!

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