School’s Out – Day 70

I don’t want to be perfect – I want to be different.


Those are the words of a 9 year old boy after telling him, he has been brilliant in the current covid situation, getting on, taking part and being patient when I’ve needed to do my job, in my school. I suggested and shared how he needs to listen to be even better, to be perfect. His reply as above , is spot on.

Today, looking back, is quite sad really. The usual good-byes awards and comments are something we like to share and ‘big-up’ the children. We know the children are truly great and that is something we want to tell them. Not seeing them and missing the opportunity to tell them, face to face, to be their best and believe, we miss and cherish. Moving into Year 7 and secondary, we wish them well and hope they strive to be the best they can be – different hopefully; not perfect.

The day today has been so extremely busy. That it has to be said is due to the fact we have staff that what to be the very best for others and do the best for our children. It we didn’t really mind, it would be easier. The 12th podcast went out, put together by a few children in a day. It was great that we had recordings sent in from children at home as we explore the involvement of more children; another thing learnt and solution.

With the return of schools in August, we have prepared the plans and walked through the day. It is a pretty comprehensive plan I must say. That has then required a check against various points and all is fine. We have updated the risk assessment and mapped the main points. All in all, we are good to go. When I state that and think about it, it happens due to the great people I am with.

Part of a great team – a snap from the past.

Thinking about that further, I have a new role next year. I will be at school two days less as I work on a project to impact on the wider community of schools. It is exciting and at the same time, the first time, I will have been distant from school. Linked to the previous point, the team built is a great one and one that I appreciate and will find strange to be apart from, albeit it for only two days of the week.

So we are at the end of the year, academic that is. I am pleased that the children deliver and achieve. Covid for me does not mean learning stops nor progress halts. New opportunities are there and we take them with two hands. Thanks to all for the support, collaboration and determination to keep going. A well deserved rest should be had by all.

Goodnight. School’s out for the last time on #70. Tomorrow’s blog will have a new title.

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