Covid-19 / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 1

Day one of the official summer break here for Leicester and the surrounding area. With a local lockdown, that means not a great deal of change for many – the status quo. For those of us that live outside of the boundary we can go and do some things. Whilst somewhat dazed in the state in-between a hectic school schedule and the freedom of the holiday, today I tried to stay awake.

An early start as Dan had football training and I had, at the same time a meeting with a man about, not a dog, but projects for school. Some shelving, a pond, canopies and other improvements. It was a struggle to get going in the morning but a few things needed doing so I did. The morning was taken up with teh tasks but now they are done it is good to know that things will (all being well) be complete for the end of August.

Walking in the woods

We took a trip to see friends in Leamington in the afternoon, keeping the required distance and obeying the rules, we took a trip to the woods and enjoyed a walk of roughly 6km. The usual stick hunting was a task for the boys as we walked whilst nothingness is other ways is what I enjoyed. In the trees it was cool and beautiful and exposed to the sun in gaps, it was hotter than I thought it would be; nevertheless beautiful and relaxing. Given the right seating, had I sat – I would have fallen asleep.

It may be the first day, but there are always things to catch up with, that need doing sooner rather than later. Some tidying of school accounts, timetabling and diary dates. Those tasks will have to wait a week as they are not urgent. For with some school days left, enjoy them – they are the things we went into the job for. For those on holiday too now, well done for making it to the end. Enjoy the break and do things you enjoy.

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