Covid-19 / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 2

Back in the camper van and setup near Ashbourne. The first break of the summer holidays and one that is much needed.

There was a little lie in this morning, but not much. With Everton on tv at 12:00 and the van to pack, it was a busy morning. The first half for Everton was hopeful but then a penalty (that I don’t think was) put us behind just before the break. The second half was very poor and but for being a loyal blue, I may as well not have bothered watching the game.

Drinks breaks and half time were used to finished of the packing and be ready to depart almost on the final whistle. Bikes on the back, we set off with a stop at Decathlon to make a few purchases. The plan was a coat and some bike shoes; add to that pedals, clothes, mudguard, pannier, cap. I do suppose we need to support the economy.

Awning up on the van.

Got the awning up – great purchase; we can organise many bits into it and have less shuffling in the van. Dan made a ball out of paper and tape so we could throw it to each other. Pleasing how simple things are enjoyed. The weather today was gorgeous and despite Leicester also losing by three, it’s great to be away in the van, eating dinner outside and finishing the day with a game.

It will be an interesting summer as we observe how COVID affects plans and how people plan for COVID. So far so good.

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