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It’s Summer – Day 3

The first weekday of the summer break is over now and going away in the first week is something I’ve found really helps to get out of school mode and towards one where you enjoy some important things in life. Today we cycled some of the Tissington trail.

The weather was not promising to be too good but come mid evening and looking back, it was fine. A little bit of a chill when we stopped, but when riding, we were warm and comfortable. The first half of the 20km ride was on a slight climb, pretty much from what I could tell. Turning around and heading back though, encouraged greater speed with the advantage of a slight slope to go faster. That 10km return was a fast one.

Navigating the way.

Being out on the trails and enjoying the outdoors is a wonderfully fabulous place to be. I do wonder why we don’t do the things we like so much more. The trail today was good – wide enough and interesting enough for cyclists and walkers. It would be interesting to see how much of it could be conquered in a day. Seeing that we got to Alsop has opened the idea of starting further up another day and venturing further.

Back on the site, from a distance, Dan kicked a ball to a fellow camper. It is different to not be able to play with so many and make the friends we admire the way children do. That said however, they coped and did what was required.

A good day in all and one where I spoke to my Dad. Always good to catch up and not take for granted people’s very existence on this planet.

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