Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 12 and 13

Not a lot happened yesterday, hence the gap. Not a great deal happened today either apart from Dan hosting a musical intro game and a further tidy of the garage.

Went for a run not long after getting up because if I don’t do it then, it is unlikely to happen. Holiday nothingness gets in the way and makes the getting out of the door harder and another day running lost. Today I dragged Dan out with me on his road bike; a good chance for him to test it out and after putting a new battery (or should I write cell) in the computer, he can be distracted by his speed and distance. A little explaining of how the bike’s gears worked was helpful and after a near 7km run, Dan seemed to enjoy the ride, commenting on how much easier it is on a road bike and how great the gears are. Dan probably dod about 6 miles too, amusing himself going ahead a few times and doubling back. Session two of the SixPack workout also completed, although I am not to sure I will ever see the six pack.

A couple of phones calls followed to confirm camping bookings and getting the sister in law in too. That is all sorted and so the next thing on my list was the garage. Had a really good sort yesterday but there were still a few shelves to go though. In doing so I found another heat gun for stripping paint; anyone need one? I now know I have two cordless drills; two or three with a cable; about four hammers; three electric sanders and numerous saws, circular saws and about four pairs of safety goggles. I also have two engraving machines and more screwdriver than sharks have teeth. I also now have a very tidy, organised garage.

Enjoying simple things: mixing cement for a washing line.

Found in the garage was an old Spot the Intro game with a DVD of tacks from the 60s to ‘today’. We did have to tell Dan though that ‘today’ means about five years ago, if not ten! Good to see Dan enjoy the snippets of music and share his singing abilities to songs he does not know greatly.

Times like these show us what children enjoy and how the rigours of schooling are not the be all and end all. Keep enjoying the break and take time to value others.

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