Covid-19 / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 14

For those of us that live in Leicester, two weeks of the Sumer holidays have now gone. For those in some areas of the country, the summer holidays begin now. If you do live in a place where today was the last day of school, I congratulate you for your resilience in these difficult times and wish you a great, well deserved break.

Having now had two weeks off school (officially, although still having been working in various ways), it is easy to see how the trials of covid can be forgotten. Shopping is easy enough when you need to go. A trip to the tip as I did today, was simple. I’ve been running, cycling, gently working out and even away for a short break in the camper van. Let us not forget the situation we are in and a situation I would suggest is not changing any time soon.

I have now spent two or three days tidying the garage and am pretty pleased with what I have achieved. Excess items, waste and rubbish has been binned and/or tipped. Everything now has a place and can be accessed when needed. I do now know however, I have four drills, three heat guns; two spades; and…two bowling balls. Funny to mention the bowling balls actually as one was my mum’s and the other my dad’s. We used to bowl quite a bit but then. bowling was not quite the commercial thing it is today. It was a weekly thing, in a team and all done properly, leagues and all.

I was discussing the return to school today with a couple of neighbours. The grouping of children, bubbles, breaks and lunches all sorted. Seems to be well in hand, but sad to think that the measures inlace may well be needed for some time yet. The great thing about schools are the people. That is, in fact, the single, most important thing about them. I often ask the question what is school about? I have never had a great answer – or one that I would agree is profound enough to dwell on.

For those children due to start in late August (Leicester area) or September, the idea of going to school is rather sad and scary. As a parent you want to walk your child in, holding their hand and waving them off. How, with social distancing and the variables of others do you cater for this at present? It is such a tough call and one that will not be respected, agreed with and maybe, followed by some. I have a plan for where I work but I will kept thinking on it as I am not happy with it, purely for the parents in their child’s’ first year.

Back to the garden and the world of flying ants and nunchucks. I saw an image from a satellite which could apparently see a swarm of flying ants. It made me feel better than our garden was not the only one getting a visit, but nonetheless it is annoying. I do love how some see their linking of two or three referring to them as disguising as a twig so as not to be seen and attacked. Away from the ants Dan has made a fleece blanket for Freddie and Molly, all on his own. When you’re no-one year old lad enjoys doing lovely things for others, it is greatly warming. Between the opportunities to use the sewing machine, he chops a piece of wood and attaches a chain to make nunchucks. The two don’t really relate but as Kate states, “With Mum he makes blankets and with Dad…” The diversity is, in my opinion great and the fact he enjoys various things is a blessing.

A blanket for some friends.

So we are at the start or part way through a school break. Some of us are getting on and others are holding back. Things seem, more than ever, to be seeming normal and this is the time to be very careful. Face masks are compulsory – and that in itself is a sad place to be; to have to cover our faces, smiles and expressions. I say that with respect and in agreement for the safety of all. Covid in my opinion, is not going away. We need to learn to live with it and do so, ensuring we support, care for and love others.

Be strong, respectful and positive.

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