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It’s Summer – Day 23

Back home now after a great 6 nights over in Malvern. The hills were spectacular and getting up North Hill a highlight of the week. It was also great to do a few walks and visit Upton upon Severn.

Packing up the camper van this morning was simple enough, even with an awning. A lazy start to the day, getting up around 09:00 was not really something you could do in a tent. Cappuccino to enjoy whilst packing the van and in about an hour, everything was packed and ready to go.

I have to admit I was (and am) feeling quite tired after 6 nights in the van. Not sure it was the van or the nights beneath the stars with Ribena in hand – I am sure really. We said we’d have a quiet night, movie and chill – which we did.

Dan had his first game of the season today – a friendly which is now 9 a-side as an under 11 player (how scary is that?) I refereed the match which meant a rough 4.5 km run about a limited grassed area. It was a good game of end to end football but Epworth looked the better team throughout. We had the chances but the opposition’s keeper made many a save. The only reason we left the site earlier than we had to and did not stop anywhere on the return was for Dan to play, but it was good.

So the van in now unpacked and the washing all done; bar the ironing. Tennis tomorrow which means I will certainly get a 5km run in on the treadmill.

The fourth week of the break is about to start and whilst I have done some work bits, this week I will aim to get a good proportion of what is left to do, done. Interesting times ahead for all. Go be great at it.

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