Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 42

The last week day of the summer holidays is over so back to school after the weekend. All prepared and the minor bits to do will be done before children return on Thursday. It’s quite something when you look back and reflect on the fact that we are five months on from the initial lockdown. What have we achieved?

Some quality time spent with Dan today helping him with the pinball game he wanted to make. Guiding him with the sawing, drilling and nailing for his design, but very much getting him to do it. Great skills to learn and develop. Thing is now he is keen for a work table in the garage – great idea I think we will need to sort.

As the day progressed, various jobs were completed, ready for Dan’s birthday. It will be a good day regardless. I hope all enjoy the weekend prior to next week’s return to work. There are so many unknowns yet people are still going beyond to make things work.

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