Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 43

Today was great. My son’s birthday so a day of celebration, enjoying games and seeing genuine smiles of appreciation on his face. Thank you.

Normally, as has been for the past several weeks, Dan has woken up around 09:00. Today, he woke up at 06:00. No alarm nor other aid to wake him, but the day that I went to sleep later, he wakes up earlier. That aside the way he asks about putting on the tv; borrowing my phone; and other seemingly not disturbing requests, he is that it louder and I am awake.

We have never spoilt Dan with presents so when he opened presents today, more than he has ever had, the sincere appreciation and subsequent hugs of gratitude and smiles are well worth it. For a ten year old to be so sincere and to have enjoyed the day as he has, makes you very proud.

We went to football training from 09:30 to 11:00 and following that figured out Dan’s action camera. I’m looking forward to the next cycling trip so we can have a play and see what the images are like. These kind of presents are to me, well worth it and encourage physical activity as opposed to sitting in front of a screen.

The day as a whole has been great with close family around and the games, togetherness and valuable life moments. For Dan to now be ten is quite strange but wonderful too.

The only part of the day for me that wasn’t positive was to hear of the passing of Sir Ken Robinson. For those that do not know, Sir Ken spike passionately and with humour about creativity in education. A few Ted Talks no matter how long ago, still for me today hold so much truth and inspiration for educators to take heed and do the right thing. Education today is very political and the point, in my opinion, missed. I’ll certainly not forget the values of education nor sway away from creativity.

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