Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 44

Today was the last day of the holiday – the summer break limited by covid restrictions but blessed by the weather. 44 days including the weekends of somewhat relaxed timings; walks and rides; and planning for a return to school over time.

Being a Sunday the day started with watching Dan ply football; a 9v9 friendly match in Hinckley. Dan started as a substitute, apparently to try and get him fired up. Not sure it was really needed after recent matches. Fifteen minutes in, Dan can on, playing on the right of a midfield three. He beat players, attacked and was positive and within two minutes set up the first goal – pretty impressive. Another seven goal were scored and the game was won 8-0 with Daniel directly setting up three and playing the pass that caused the defender to score and own goal. Proud.

Stats of the match.

The remainder of the day was reasonably relaxed with a visit to the garden centre and in the evening some planning for the next trip in the campervan.

I’ve always enjoyed running and took Dan for a run. 3.5 km at a steady pace, lots of huffing but pleased Dan did it. The plan is we will go a few times a week and see how it helps.

End of the 3.5 km run.

So the holiday is over and it’s back to school tomorrow. It’s been great being off and getting out in the van, cycling and walking. Only about six weeks until the next break but in between I certainly need to plan in some other trips and rides.

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