Disturbed Weekends and Non-Stop Days

It’s been quite a week and I know as a school leader it will be the same for so many more. We all know that Covid19 isn’t going away any time soon and we are all (I think) trying our best to have children at school and maintain as much normality as possible.

I’ve had to sort the necessary for 3 Covid cases this week. Closed four classes (reduced to three), starting at 11:04 on Monday night and at the point of writing, closing the third/fourth Sunday morning. When the guidelines are followed it isn’t too bad and pleasingly that is where we now are. The disturbance to work and home life for those affected but without Covid is frustrating and hard. I totally sympathise with them and feel the pain. Respectfully though, we all need to stay strong and do what we should.

You know when the days have been busy – 170 emails that weren’t there in the morning. In a time where technology is much improved it is baffling that emails are used for much of it. That aside, the craziness of the day impacts.

To wake up this morning with an email informing me of the latest case, the following hours involved the now well rehearsed letter to the bubble, letter to the school, letter to the staff, form to the Local Authority and form to the Trust. Those bits are quite simple and now reasonably quick. They do come after however, an investigation (sounds more serious than it is) into who may have and has been in close proximity to the affected. It involves moments of, whilst nobody’s fault, the realisation that another staff member must join the isolation and the resulting additional work to cover, sort, check and motivate staff. These are difficult times even with the amazingly positive staff I have.

What helps is a quick call from a colleague in the Trust team to offer help, check if anything is needed etc… the answer is no, all is sorted. However, the simple act of calling is appreciated and not everybody does that. I could certainly name many that don’t – but I won’t!

All of the morning and a bit of the afternoon lost and good to then get out for a run. It’s so important that we take time away from the work as it can consume you; easier than you think. Certainly an aim for me to be aware of. The run was good though. A gentle pace on a familiar route. I’d like to start setting myself a target and getting back to my faster times. Not too sure mid 40s is the time to do so or help but why not?

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